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We realize that each of our dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to the highest standards of care and clinical expertise. Every healthcare provider is always seeking additional knowledge and expertise in their area of specialty to be the best possible caregiver.

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Hospice Care

Xpress Health Care Staffing Hospice Care's mission of "Ehancing Quality of Life at the End of Life" is put into practice every day. Yet bringing comfort to patients with life-limiting conditions, and their families, is more than a mission—it's a way of delivering care that addresses the needs of the whole person at a significant time of life. Whether comfort takes the form of physical, emotional or spiritual care, our interdisciplinary team is ready to provide comprehensive hospice services to every person in our community who needs and wants them. Most patients and families want to receive care in the home.
More than 90 percent of Xpress Health Care Staffing Hospice Care services are delivered in patients' homes or in homelike settings such as community-based residential facilities, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. Xpress Health Care Staffing Hospice Care also makes hospice services available to patients in hospital settings. When in-home care cannot meet the needs of our patients and families, short-term inpatient care at the Xpress Health Care Staffing Hospice Care campus in Madison or contracted hospitals and skilled nursing facilities may be an option. Inpatient care provides short-term, intensive monitoring and treatment of acute pain or other complex symptoms. Xpress Health Care Staffing Hospice Care also recognizes the need to provide families a break from ongoing caregiving by offering respite care. Many factors influence where patients and families receive care—wishes and desires, symptoms, the patient's support network and much more.
But regardless of the setting, Xpress Health Care Staffing Hospice Care's team approach to providing compassionate end-of-life care remains the same. Xpress Health Care Staffing will Help Assisting family and friends care for individuals with terminal illness. Our tradition is to Help hospice shelter, comfort, and kindness to People in the midst of a journey. In this tradition, we will provides aprogram of care for individuals nearing the end of life's journey. Skilled professionals and dedicated volunteers help support both the patient and family and friends, helping relieve the physical, emotional, and social pain, and enabling the seriously ill person live at home with comfort and dignity. We are Lincense with Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is a Medicare/Medicaid certified Hospice Program.

If you or anyone you know needs Hospice care, Wants to volunteer, or would like more information, please call Xpress Health Care Staffing Department at (617)79222200. or (617)2444676.

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