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We realize that each of our dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to the highest standards of care and clinical expertise. Every healthcare provider is always seeking additional knowledge and expertise in their area of specialty to be the best possible caregiver.

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Companion Care

Xpress Health Care Staffing companion care - offers a wide variety of home health services including in-home companion care to assist seniors, new and expectant parents, and other individuals who may need extra help around the house.


Xpress Health Care Staffing provides the necessary assistance needed at home to maintain a safe and independent lifestyle.  Maxim companions are available on an as-needed basis, with no minimum time constraints. They ensure you or your loved one receives the attention and care they need.


Xpress Health Care Staffing companion care provides a coordinated system of comprehensive services in a home environment to promote, maintain, and/or restore health, and minimize the effects of illness and disability.



The Constant Observer (sitter) - may be requested to provide SAFETY observation services for the patient identified to be at risk for causing injury to him/herself or to others. Maintains safe environment and accompanies patients as needed.

Always wash hands before and after contact with patient.

Quality of care starts with healthcare professionals we employ. Join our team of dedicated professionals and help make a difference.

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