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HealthCare Staffing

We realize that each of our dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to the highest standards of care and clinical expertise. Every healthcare provider is always seeking additional knowledge and expertise in their area of specialty to be the best possible caregiver.

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Xpress Health Care And RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Handle and serve patients in a manner conducive to their safety and comfort.
  • Adhere to instructions issued by licensed nurse. Follows established performance standards, and Established nursing policies and procedures
  • Perform duties in accordance with established methods and techniques and in accordance with Recognized standards.
  • Provide maximum patient care services within limits defined by delegated tasks.
  • Maintain good housekeeping standards within assigned duty areas.
  • Assist patients in unpacking and storing clothes; stores patients valuables in office safe, obtaining receipt for the same.
  • Bathes bed patients or assists ambulatory patients in taking tub baths.
  • Requires ability to transfer Adult Residents.
  • Combs hair, cleans and cuts patients nails, gives mouth washes and assists in cleaning teeth, giving shampoos when necessary.
  • Feeds very ill patients and/or helpless patients.
  • Assists other patients with their meals, provides between meal nourishment when directed.
  • Passes and empties bed pans and collects urine and fecal specimens as directed.
  • Answers signal light or bell and delivers messages.
  • Assists patients in walking and use of wheelchair.
  • Makes patient's bed and changes linen as needed, tidies and dust dresser, bedside tables, and other furniture.
  • Cleans work rooms and linen closets, collects records and reports.
  • Collects and bags soiled linen and stores clean linens.
  • Cleans instruments and equipment.
  • Receives and escorts visitors.
  • Records on appropriate documents.


RSitting: 1/2 hour in an 8-hour work shift.

Standing: 1 hour in an 8-hour work shift. Alternates continuously to walking.

Walking: 7 hours in an 8-hour work shift. Alternates occasionally to standing.


The information I have given Is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I hereby authorize Xpress Healthcare Staffing to release this skills proficiency checklist and Job description to client facilities for the purpose of facilitating a staffing opportunity with that Institution. I acknowledge that it is Xpress Healthcare Staffing policy to update my skills checklist annually.

Lifting and Carrying

Wears gait belt at all times and uses appropriately.

Uses appropriate lift when needed, for greater than 251bs.

Other Physical Demands:

Objects Residents, personal items, linens, medical supplies, etc. Bending, Squatting, Kneeling, Crawling, Climbing, Reaching, Grasping, Fine Manipulation.

  • Provides restorative nursing care as assigned, completing assignments accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Participates in facility education programs as assigned.
  • Demonstrates an attitude of cooperation and enthusiasm during instruction and in resident care activities.
  • Assumes personal responsibility for following facility procedures related to use of equipment and supplies within the unit.
  • Reports unusual problems or incidents to team leader, charge nurse, or supervisor.
  • Accurately documents incidents and unusual problems according to established facility procedures.
  • Completes documentation required on a timely basis.
  • Assure's residents receive consideration, and respect, and that confidentiality is maintained. Assure's that resident's rights are not violated.
  • Comes to work as scheduled on time, and consistently demonstrates dependability.
  • Comes to work in clean, neat uniform and consistently adheres to dress code.
  • Wears gait belt at all times while on duty.



Must have genuine interest in nursing. Willingness to work with the realization that errors may have serious consequences for patients. Patience and tact in dealing with patients, their families, and visitors. Some initiative and judgment in recognizing symptoms indicative to patient's adverse reactions to treatments. Willingness to perform a variety of simple repetitive tasks, some to which may involve unpleasant conditions. Works under close supervision.

The Certified Nursing Assitant/CNA, carries out supportive duties for the nursing department of a health care facility
and Is to perform specific non-technical medical related skills. The CNA functions under the direction, instruction, and
supervision of a Registered Nurse or other designated, licensed health care professional.

Has completed a basic aide-training program consistent with job requirements and completed a state approved exam that Includes clinical requirements.
Achieve 80% (passing score) on relative competency testing. Shows evidence of meeting the health requirements of Xpress Healthcare Staffing state of practice.
Has concern and Interest in working with HI, disable, functionally impaired and or dependent individuals and has an understanding of their physical, emotional, cultural, and spiritual needs. Able to perform requirements of the job, with or without reasonable accommodations.


    Assists patients with personal hygiene (bathing, shampooing, shaving, and oral hygiene)
    *   Assists with activities of daily living which include dressing, ambulating, toiling, bathing, eating, and safe transfer techniques as directed by the LPN/RN supervisor.
    *   Assists with treatment and therapies as ordered by the physician and approved and supervised by the LPN/RN
    *   Carries out assignments as instructed by the care plan established by the LPN/RN and reports to the nurse when unable fulfill the assignment
    *   Observes patient appearance and behavior and reports changes In patient's condition to the LPN/RN supervisor.
    *   Practices confidentiality in all patient and facility related matters.
    *   Measures patient input and output and empties Foley drainage bags, collects urine and/or stool specimens.
    *   Assists with admitting and discharging patients per facility protocols.
    *   Assists with general care associated with incontinent patients and report any evidence of skin breakdown to RN.
    *   Provides for patient privacy during the performance of all personal care.
    *   Practices infection control and Isolation techniques per facility protocols, policies and procedures.
    *   Performs post mortem care per facility protocols.



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