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HealthCare Staffing

We realize that each of our dedicated healthcare professionals is committed to the highest standards of care and clinical expertise. Every healthcare provider is always seeking additional knowledge and expertise in their area of specialty to be the best possible caregiver.

Family Stress Relief


Caregiver self-assessmefit questionnaire


Xpress Health Care Staffing


Skilled and Resource for Families Seeking Extremely Affordable Rate for Trained Professional Care Givers Dedicated to Offering reliable, Quality and Compassionate Assistance & Care to Elderly persons and Others with Special needs.

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Xpress Health CARE Staffing is A Right Choice For Those Who Value Life.



Caring for Aging Parents and others with Chronic Condition that primarily affects movements, memory loss with Associated signs and Symptoms of Illness. Our Alternative Action Plan for Managing Life Challenges such as: Dementia, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, ALS, MS, Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease will help patient to Live Normal and Comfortable Life in Their Own Home.

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Personal Care & Activities of Daily Living


Part of daily activities for Senior is to Show Them How to Take Advantage of New Technologies.

  • Take Seniors to Health Fair & SPA.

  • Ask About a Will, Advance Directives, Powers of Attorney and Filing System.

  • Arrange for Seniors to Obtain a Home Energy Audit or Energy Bill Assistance.

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Create a Family History to Share with Others


  • To Provide better and Cordial relationship with Clients and Families

    Help with a Home Safety Audit.

  • To Provide detailed Orientation and Continuous Training for the Employees.

    Provide Pet or Vet Assistance.

  • To ensure Frequent visit to Clients by Agency representative


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Feel Free to Use Our On Call 24 hour Staffing

We Can Assist with Everything to Make this Voyage Easier by Incorporate Exercise into Your Daily Routine to Help improve Problem with Balance & Walking. Helpful Hints That Can Make Starting An Exercise Routine More Manageable And More Fun. We Can Help with evaluations on how to improve the level of Safety, Comfort & Mobility for Our Clients, Specially those individuals who already have difficulty getting around the House, Seeing or Hearing, Suffering from Memory Loss, or are Recovering from an injury or Surgery.

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Prevent Identity Theft and Fraud


  • Drive Safety Education.Help with a Home Safety Audit.

  • Create Opportunities to Socialize and Learn. Provide Pet or Vet Assistance.

  • Teach Games and Organize Puzzle Exchanges

  • Plant a Window Box.Introduce Seniors to Bookmobiles and Books on Tape.

  • Introduce Seniors to Bookmobiles and Books on Tape.

  • Help Organize a Garage Sale.

No Matter how Niche or Large it May be, We are Confidence that Xpress Health Care Staffing Services is Precise, Reliable and Broad enough to Cover All of Boston Metropolitan.


Eat Healthy

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