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Leading researchers and authorities on aging are constantly making news with their breakthroughs and discoveries. Below is a small sample of the articles, podcasts, blog postings, and other media that highlight some of this important information on aging, age-related disease, and the science behind getting old:

Leading researchers and authorities on aging are constantly making news with their breakthroughs and discoveries. Below is a small sample of the articles, podcasts, blog postings, and other media that highlight some of this important information on aging, age-related disease, and the science behind getting old:

The Billionaire Who Is Planning His 125th Birthday
The New York Times – 3/3/11
Always a picture of perfect health, 87-year-old David Murdock plans to live to 125 by eating a diet rich in plants, and to unlock the secrets to longevity through his world-class laboratory dedicated to studying the impacts of his diet.
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Senate Republicans Push to Oust Medicare Chief
Yahoo! News – 3/3/11
In a letter to President Obama, 42 Republican Senators asked him to withdraw the nomination of Dr. Donald Berwick as Medicare administrator.
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Ibuprofen Users Show Lower Parkinson’s Disease Risk
Reuters –3/3/11
A study of more than 130,000 people found that the more ibuprofen they took each week, the lower their odds of developing Parkinson’s. Experts caution however that the findings don’t prove that Ibuprofen itself wards off the disease, but there is enough evidence to look for more in clinical trials.
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Use of Virtual Colonoscopy on the Rise in U.S. Hospitals
HealthDay -3/1/11
Even though not covered by Medicare, virtual colonoscopies are increasingly being used to screen for colorectal cancer. The virtual technology is not invasive like a standard colonoscopy, but is not yet proven to be as effective.
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Aging, Interrupted
EurekAlert! – 2/23/11
Patients with Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome age 8 to 10 times faster than the rest of us and are giving scientists new insights into how people age.
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Studying Aging, and Fearing Budget Cuts
The New York Times - 2/21/11
Dr. Richard Hodes leads the National Institute on Aging (NIA) at the National Institutes of Health—the agency which presides over the nation’s prime source of grants for studies of aging. Dr. Hodes talks about some of this research and the budget cuts that threaten it.
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Endurance Exercise Prevents Premature Aging
Newswise – 2/21/11
Exercise may not only stop you from looking and feeling old—it may actually help you live longer.
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Aerobic Exercise May Improve Memory in Seniors
NPR – 2/21/11
With regular aerobic exercise, chemical changes happen in the brain that promote the growth of new neurons.
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Elderly Women on Bone Drugs May Live Longer
Reuters – 2/18/11
A number of studies are pointing to the fact that bisphosphonates—taken for osteoporosis—may make women live longer than those who don’t take the drugs.
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Short Ecuadorians Hold Anti-Aging Secret
MSNBC.COM – 2/16/11
A group of Ecuadorians with a rare disease that stunts growth are also immune to cancer and diabetes. Scientists think they have figured out the secret to the group’s health.
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Study Suggests Hearing Loss-Dementia Link
BusinessWeek 2/14/11
Researchers have found a link between hearing loss and cognitive decline.
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Preliminary New Blood Test to Detect Alzheimer’s Disease Uncovered
EurekaAlert! – 2/14/11
Scientists have developed a new technology that use blood samples to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear. Current diagnoses usually occur after symptoms have developed and can’t be reversed with available treatments.
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Compound Blocks Brain Cell Destruction in Parkinson’s Disease; Findings May Open Door to First Protective Therapy
ScienceDaily – 2/12/11
Scientists have produced the first known compound that is significantly effective in protecting brain cells that have been directly affected by Parkinson’s disease. While the study was done in animal models, the findings offer hope for potentially useful therapies for patients.
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Why We Age, and How to Slow the Process
Boston Globe – 2/10/11
Researchers at Dana Farber Cancer Institute reported in the journal Nature that the length of telomores—caps at the end of your chromosomes—shorten with age and determine virtually aspect of your aging.
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Aging & Cancer: New Clues to Longevity
Brooklyn Eagle – 2/9/11
The biggest risk factor for most cancers is age. This article explores aging and cancer and some of their shared biological processes.
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Lifestyle Affects Life Expectancy More than Genetics, Swedish Study Finds
ScienceDaily – 2/8/11
Recently published research finds that lifestyle has the biggest impact on how long we will live.
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2 Treatments for Retinas Make Gains
The New York Times – 11/22/10
Clinical trials exploring a treatment for age-related macular degeneration (AMD) have found that a new treatment option may be on the horizon that requires fewer eye injections than current options. A trial to explore human embryonic stem cells in people with another retinal disease has also been approved.
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The In Stem-Cell Legal Fight, Scientist Now at Odds with His Employer
White Coat Notes–11/22/10 
The scientist who filed a lawsuit against the NIH opposing federal funding of human embryonic stem cell research, now finds his employer on his list of opponents.
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Age Assay for Forensics Toolkit
The Scientist – 11/22/10
A test that tracks declines in T cell byproducts can estimate a person’s age from their blood which may someday help identify victims and criminals.
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Experts on Aging: Stay Fit After 65 to Live Longer, Better
USA Today - 11/21/10
Health experts at the annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) shared data that emphasizes the value of exercise in combating aging-related diseases.
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Why It’s Time to Rock Alzheimer’s
Huffington Post – 11/16/10
Building on GQ Magazine’s spread that draws attention to leading biomedical research scientists, the author makes the case for focusing research on diseases with soaring implications and costs like Alzheimer’s.
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Rock Stars of Science
Geoffrey Beene Foundation
Drawing attention to the cool side of science, this website shows leading biomedical research scientists alongside rock stars—shining the spotlight on revolutionary science.
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Funding Crisis Hits US Ageing Research
NatureNews – 11/9/10
A funding crisis at the National Institute of Aging threatens the future of aging research.
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More Drugs Do Not Always Mean Better Care
Reuters – 11/4/10
New studies on drug spending finds that cracking down on payments for certain drugs means that doctors are less likely to unnecessarily prescribe them.
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Centenarians: How to Make it to 100
Huffington Post - 11/3/10
A video of centenarians in Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Longevity Genes Project highlights the subjects and the science of a project that could lead to aging interventions.
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Successful Aging in the Amish: Researchers Discover New Genetic Factors
ScienceDaily – 11/4/10
Studies of Amish families in Indiana revealed factors that scientists believe to be associated with healthy aging—maintaining physical and cognitive function, and staying socially engaged later in life.
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Vulnerable Brain Region May Be Central to Progression of Alzheimer’s Disease
EurekAlert! – 11/3/10
New research helps unravel the “spread” of Alzheimer’s disease throughout the brain.
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Global Aging 2010: An Irreversible Truth
Standard & Poor’s – 11/1/10
S&P releases the findings from its Global Aging Report.
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What to Do Now to Feel Better at 100
The New York Times – 10/25/10
A new book discusses two major influences on how well older people function—physiological reserve and a supportive environment.
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When the Family Needs an Umpire
The New Old Age Blog, NY Times – 10/25/10
Caregiving often means being torn between the one needing the care and their family—that’s where elder mediators come in.
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Secrets of the Centenarians: Life Before, During, and After 100
The New York Times – 10/18/10
These videos share the stories of eight centenarians—people who lived to 100 and beyond.
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Bernake: Aging, Health Costs Challenge U.S. Future
Kaiser Health News – 10/5/10
The Federal Reserve Chairman issued a warning about aging and health care costs.
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What Does It Feel Like to Be 75? Say Goodbye to Spry
NPR – 8/29/10
Researchers at the MIT AgeLab have developed a suit that simulates the stiffness and limitations of an older person’s body.
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The Scientific Quest to Combat Aging: Two Books Take Sides
The Washington Post – 8/29/10
Two books on science’s efforts to slow aging and lengthen lifespan are reviewed.
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