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Personal care

Our goal is to keep our clients healthy


Hand Hygiene: how to wash your hands Infection Control: Basic Infection Prevention Techniques Bloodborne Pathogens Training Video CPR Training Video 2011


To Provide detailed Orientation and Continuous Training of Our Care Team to Provide Personalized Service for individuals and Families who are Facing Many decisions & Challenges associated with Illnesses.


Bathing patient and Personal grooming


Gown and GlovesGiving a Patient a Bed BathFundamentals: Bed and BathBODY MECHANICS BY LAYLA RABBANI


Assists in Providing Personal Care as Outlined in the Care Plan; Encouraging Client in Self-Help & Optimal level of independence during Daily activities; Bed Bath or Shower; Observing & reporting Changes in Patient Skin Condition...Providing or assisting in Oral Hygiene and Hair Care.


Feeding, Dressing, Turning and positioning patient


Provide Mouth CareFeeding patienttransfer to chairLifting Patients from Beds - Hospitals / Health Care


Help Client in Meal preparation; Shopping for Food, Household Supplies & Serving Meals according to Dietary Instructions Please.


Assist with Bedpan, Ambulate & Medicine Reminder


Making an Occupied BedAssisting with a bedpanAssist to AmbulateVital Signs & Sample History


Observes Patients & reports to Supervisor - Physical, Mental or Behavioral Changes in a Client during Any Emergency Situations...Complies with State/Federal Regulatory acts & Agency Policies.


Assist with daily exercise


Body Mechanics Skills DemonstrationRange of Motion Exercises p2Range of Motion Exercises p3CNA Training - Range of Motion Exercises


Assist & Encouraging Client to follow prescribed exercise program which may include Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises and Ambulation.


Principal Activities

    Feeding Client

    Taking client for walk

    Medicine Reminders and supervision

    Drive client to appointment Meal Preparation

    Assist with daily exercise

    Laundry and light house keeping

    Keeping home environment safe and comfortable for client

    Daily house keeping

    Personal grooming assistance

    Take Seniors to Health Fair & SPA

    Show Them How to Take Advantage of New Technologies

    Arrange for Seniors to Obtain a Home Energy Audit or Energy Bill Assistance

    Ensure Frequent visit to Clients by Agency representative

    Drive Safety Education

    Teach Games and Organize Puzzle Exchanges

    We assist in Planting Window Box

    Introduce Seniors to Bookmobiles and Books on Tape

    Help Organize a Garage Sale



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