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Tracheostomy Tubes

Features of Portex® Tracheostomy Tubes

Portex tracheostomy tubes are available in neonatal, pediatric, and adult sizes. All three are available in an uncuffed style and the adult sizes are available in cuffed tubes with and without inner cannulae, in a disposable inner cannula style, and with a reusable inner cannula. All of the tubes are made of a safe nontoxic compound that is kink-resistant and conforms at body temperature. Lo-Profile™ is made of a rigid compound with a reusable, interchangeable inner cannula.

Portex tubes are fitted with strong, high-volume, low intracuff pressure cuffs which inflate symmetrically to decrease the risk of herniation. They are individually packaged and sterilized with a Velcro® tracheostomy holder and a one-way inflation valve.

All Portex tracheostomy tubes are considered single-use disposable products. However, the Lo-Profile tube has a reusable, single patient use inner cannula. All adult Portex tubes come supplied with an obturator to ease insertion.

Portex Blue Line® Neonatal and Pediatric Tracheostomy Tubes

Portex Blue Line neonatal and pediatric tracheostomy tubes are made of an implant-tested material. They are available in uncuffed styles only and are anatomically correct by design. A winged flange secures the tube to minimize motion and reduce trauma to the neonatal airway. The tubes are available with or without an angled 15 mm connector.

Portex Blue Line Tracheostomy Tubes

Portex Blue Line adult tracheostomy tubes are made of a compliant material which readily softens at body temperature and conforms to the anatomy of the airway. These two features greatly reduce trauma and increase patient comfort. The adult cuffed tracheostomy tubes feature Profile cuffs with a high-volume, low intracuff pressure seal. The tubes also feature flexible flanges to minimize motion and torque.

Blue Line tubes are available in cuffed, uncuffed, fenestrated, and non-fenestrated styles.

Portex D.I.C.™ Tracheostomy Tabes

The Portex D.I.C. tracheostomy tube with disposable inner cannula is available in two styles: the rigid outer cannula and the flexible outer cannula styles. Tubes with disposable inner cannula have many features not found with other brands. The flexible outer cannula offers many features to patients who are not able to tolerate rigid-style tubes.

Both styles of tube offer a flexible flange with large openings for improved stoma care. The 15 mm connector is an integral part of the tracheostomy tube—not on the inner cannula—which allows for ventilation with or without the inner cannula in place. The obturator design increases efficiency during insertion and reduces trauma associated with this procedure. The disposable inner cannula improves tracheostomy care and reduces nursing care time. The broad range of sizes that are available ensures a proper fit. Disposable inner cannulae are color-coded for easy identification. The disposable inner cannulae are available in color-coded boxes of 20.

Portex Specialty Tubes

Portex Laryngectomy Tubes

The Portex D.I.C. laryngectomy tube is designed to maintain a patient's airway following a laryngectomy. The laryngectomy tube is available in three sizes with corresponding disposable inner cannula. The soft flange and 15 mm connector are an integral part of the outer cannula.

Portex Trach-Talk™ Tracheostomy Tubes

The Portex Trach-Talk tracheostomy tube was designed to assist the patient to speak in a low whispered voice. When the cuff is inflated to effect a seal on the tracheal wall, a gas line with a thumb port is connected to an air or oxygen source. The flow of gas is adjusted to 4-6 liters per minute and the thumb port is occluded by the patient or caregiver; gas passes through the larynx, allowing the patient to speak in a soft whisper. The Trach-Talk helps to eliminate the psychological and communication barriers common to all tracheostomy patients.

Extra Horizontal Length Tracheostomy Tubes

These tubes were designed with the patient with a "bull neck" in mind. The extra length on the horizontal axis allows airway accessibility in the anatomically large patient. The tube also features a radiopaque line to facilitate confirmation of proper placement.

Portex Mini-Tracti* U

Mini-tracheostomy with the Portex Mini-Trach II kit is a simple surgical procedure in which a small bore cannula (4.0 mm ID.) is inserted into the trachea through the cricothyroid membrane, using a scalpel and introducer. When placed, the tracheal cannula allows suction to be performed as often as required using a lOfr suction catheter. The cannula is also suitable for administration of oxygen, nebulized drugs, and bronchial lavage. Mini-tracheostomy is indicated primarily for patients with sputum retention problems.

Lo-Proftle™ Tracheostomy Tubes

The Lo-Profile tracheostomy tube has been developed with the concerns of the long-term tracheostomy patient in mind. Cosmetic features, patient safety, ease of use, and durability of the tube were all major factors addressed during the design of this tube.

The tube is designed with three parts. The outer cannula is constructed of a very durable material with the inner cannula provided in two forms. One inner cannula offers a low-profile locking connector that is constructed of a clear, cosmetically pleasing material. It should be noted that this style of inner cannula is not intended for ventilatory support. The other inner cannula is fitted with a standard 15 mm connector that allows easy attachment to oxygen, humidification, or ventilatory equipment. Both styles of inner cannulae provide for limited reuse (see the Tracheostomy Care at Home handbook). The flexible, clear, low-profile flange is also designed with patient comfort and cosmetics in mind.

The Lo-Profile tracheostomy tube is available in four styles and five sizes that will meet the needs of most patients.

Portex Per-fit™ Percutaneous Tracheostomy Kit

The Portex Per-fit tracheostomy kit is a procedural tray that is complete with all necessary components required to perform a serial dilation percutaneous tracheostomy. The kit features two very unique features: the specially designed Portex tracheostomy tube with a low-profile cuff to facilitate easy insertion through a serially dilated stoma and a straight obturator/dilator system. The specially designed and patented tracheostomy tube features a beveled tip that further reduces tracheostomy tube insertion force. The straight dilators allow complete rotation during insertion, decreasing the force required and the tissue trauma associated with dilating a percutaneous stoma. The complete kit is designed to provide the clinician with a safe and efficient method of performing percutaneous tracheostomy. Replacement tubes and replacement inner cannula are available.



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