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Family Stress Relief

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS):  A Progressive disease associated with neuronal Cell death that Causes progressive Weakness associated with degeneration of Motor neurons. Mutations in more than 50 human genes cause diverse types of motor neuron Pathology.
ALS is not primarily considered an inflammatory or immune-Mediated disease, immune mechanism appear to play a role in Pathogenesis of the Disease.

During Family Unexpected Emergency, Team Work is Needed:

a)  Coping Strategies can be used as Technics to Managing Stress.

b)  Physical Demands:  Direct Care, Lifting, Bathing, Feeding, e.t.c

c)  Use Prfessional to Teach you how to properly Care for your Family member.Get Training so you know how to perform needed Skills to make your work easier and Safer or Feel free to Hire Home Health Care Agency.

d)  Practice Healthy Habits, including a Balanced diet, Regular Exercise, Sufficient Sleep and Visits to the Doctor.

E)  Get Help with Physical tasks from other Care Providers, Neigbors, or Other Sources of Help.

F)  Work to keep your Care recipient as independent as Posible to reduce your Stree and maintain Dignity.

G)  Utilize Adaptive or Assistive Equipment with Specific needs.

FINANCIAL DEMANDS  (Medical Costs, Equipments, Hired Help, Lost Income).

a)  Evaluate and Utilize Programs that assist with Medical and Treatment Costs related to Family Caregiving.

b)  Identify Programs that provide assistive Technology at reduced fees or on Loan.

c)  Discuss Financial needs and impacts with other Family members.

d)  Plan ahead for Projected Medical Costs or Treatment needs.

E)  Work with Financial Planning Specialists as needed.


A)  Feeling Isolated alone, without time for ONESELF.

B)  Find Someone you Trust and talk about your feelings and Frustrations.

C)  Be realistic about the demands of Caregiving and turn to Others for Help.

D)  Set Aside time for self Care and Personal renewal.

E)  Take Advantage of Respite Care Services and get a break for a few hours or a couple of days.

F)  JOIN A Caregiver Support Group so you can Share your feelings, Learn about Resources and reduce Stress.

G)  Get Assistance from Others.


A)  Sibling Conflict with a dependent adult, e.t.c.

B)  Focus on Positive Experiences with the Care recipient such as Sharing Memories or doing a Life Story.

C)  Involve the Care recipient as much as posible in discussion of guidelines for Care.

D)  Express needs and issues Clearly to Other Family members related to Caregiving Responsibilities.

E)  Take time for Other Family Relationships.

F)  Participate in a Support Network for Caregivers

G)  Let Family Member Participate in Caregiving and express appreciation for each Other.

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