Gale Sayers Jersey  Social Managed Care Plan

Social Managed Care Plan

A Social Managed Care Plan provides the full range of Medicare benefits offered by standard managed care plans, along with additional services. These additional services include:

♦ Care coordination

♦ Prescription drugs

♦ Chronic care benefits covering short term nursing home care

♦ A range of home- or community- based services, such as:

— Adult day care or respite care

— Medical transportation

— Other services that may be provided include eyeglasses, hearing aids, and dental care.

These plans offer the full range of medical benefits that are offered by standard managed care plans plus chronic care/extended care services. Membership offers other health benefits that are not provided through

Medicare alone or most other senior health plans. As of late 2005 only four Social Managed Care Plans are participating in

Medicare and each Social Managed Care Plan has eligibility criteria.

Each plan has different requirements for premiums. All plans have co-payments for certain services. Contact Medicare's Personal Plan Finder for details.

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