Gale Sayers Jersey  Skilled Nursing Care

Skilled Nursing Care

Intermediate or Custodial Care

Those who need 24-hour care along with room and board, some personal care,

medication management and activities are classified as custodial or intermediate care. This level of care accounts for the majority of nursing home residents. Skilled Nursing Care A person requiring much more

complicated care and needing regular registered nurse supervision is classified as needing skilled care. Examples include:

♦ Insulin or other injections

♦ Intravenous feedings

♦ Tracheotomy care

♦ Some types of catheter care

♦ Physical, occupational or speech therapy

Nursing home care is usually the most expensive of all the housing options.

Typically there is a basic fee and then additional charges as care needs increase. Medicare, some health insurance plans and long term care insurance plans will pay for skilled care with certain limitations.  Review insurance policies and their coverage. Medicare pays for skilled care only in Medicare-certified institutions after a hospital stay. Medicare coverage is brief and short term, covering only recovery from the incident.

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