Gale Sayers Jersey  PLANNING CARE



Establish a plan of care that includes but  is not limited to:

♦ Medical history information

♦ Medications—name, dose, administration schedule and any specific instructions

♦ Diet

♦ Daily schedule of care and activities

♦ Functional disabilities—amount of assistance needed

♦ Special observations needed

♦ Names and telephone numbers of physicians and other health care providers

♦ Physicians orders

♦ Telephone number of preferred hospital

♦ Names and telephone numbers of any services that regularly come into the home

♦ Names of those to call in an emergency, in addition to 911

♦ Health insurance plan and policy number

♦ Food likes and dislikes

♦ Special behavior management techniques

Having a plan for care is helpful for the family caregiver and any substitute caregivers who may provide respite care.

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