Gale Sayers Jersey  800 cc Suction Canister Kit Directions for Use

800 cc Suction Canister Kit Directions for Use


Intended for collection and disposal of aspirated fluids.

Directions for Use:

1.   Inspect the lid assembly to ensure all
components are correctly attached as shown.

2. Place the lid assembly on the canister and
press firmly around entire perimeter to
ensure a complete seal.

3.   Firmly press pour spout "A" plug into pour
spout as shown.
4.   Firmly attach filter assembly "B" to vacuum
port. Install with elbow to port as shown.
5.   Firmly connect filter assembly tubing "C" to
vacuum source.
6.   Firmly attach patient vacuum tube "D" to
Patient port by pressing connector tightly
onto port.

7.   Check all connections for proper seal. Test for vacuum leaks by turning on vacuum source
and holding finger or thumb over the patient tubing.

In Case of Loss of Vacuum:

1.   Check that vacuum pump is on.
2.   Check that canister is properly sealed and all connections are tight.
3.    Ensure tubing is not kinked.
4.    If vacuum loss continues, replace canister,
5.    Report malfunction or complaints to your home care provider providing lot number
information if possible.


1.   Single patient use only.
2.   Do not exceed vacuum level of 25" Hg.
3.   Do not apply continuous vacuum for longer than 24 hours.
4.   Not intended as a measuring device.


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